Carlo Colombo
Computational Vision Group
Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione (DINFO)
Università di Firenze 

Via Santa Marta 3, 50139 Firenze, Italy 
Phone: +39 055 2758.528 (office) .509 (lab)
Mobile: +39 329 5603192

Fax: +39 055 2758570 
Skype: colomboDSI



calcolatori elettronici
visione computazionale

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  • Position - Associate professor (with the habilitation as Full professor in both computer engineering and computer science)
  • Teaching - computer architectures, computer vision
  • Research - theory and applications of geometric computer vision (research@CVGpublications)
  • Coordinator - Computational Vision Group (CVG)
  • Services - Guest editor, special issue on "Local Image Descriptors in Computer Vision" (deadline: August 2019) & Associate editor, IET Computer Vision; Area & Session chair, International Conference on Machine Vision Applications MVA 2019 Tokyo; Organizer, CAIP 2019 Contest on "Evaluation of local descriptors for image matching in real-world scenarios" SalernoReviewer, International Conference on Computer Vision ICCV 2019 Seoul, International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing ICIAP 2019 Trento, International Conference on Applications and Systems of Visual Paradigms VISUAL 2019 Rome; Session chair, International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications VISAPP 2019 Prague; Publicity chair, International Conference on 3D Vision 3DV 2018 Verona; Area editor, Computer Vision and Image Understanding (2009-2015); Guest editor, special issue on "Large-Scale Computer Vision: Geometry, Inference, and Learning," International Journal of Computer Vision (2014); General chair, 12th European Conference on Computer Vision ECCV 2012 Firenze

IET CV Special Issue
on Local Image Descriptors

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