Research Projects

MediFor - the FENCE

Started: 2016 | Duration: 2 + 2 years | Status: open | WEB

Project on Media Forensics, funded by DARPA  (DARPA-BAA-15-58) aimed at the development of automatic forensic tools to assess digital image integrity. In particular, computer vision techniques will be exploited in order to obtain physical evidence of tampering. [more]


Started: 2013 | Duration: 3 years | Status: open | WEB

Project objectives include the development of an innovative ROV, exploiting computer vision algorithms for localization and visual servoing in underwater environment. Funded by the MIUR - Bando MIUR DD prot. N. 391/RIC del 5/7/12 - SMART CITIES & COMMUNITIES.[more]


Started: 2012 | Duration: 3 years | Status: closed | WEB

The project aims at the development of autonomous underwater vehicle for archaeological purpouses. Vision based solutions will exploit image data for localization, 3D reconstruction, mosaicing and attentive navigation. The project is supported by the European Commission under the Environment Theme of the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. [more]


Started: 2011 | Duration: 2 years | Status: closed | WEB

Objective of the project is the development of three AUV to be used in swarm for archaeological research. Computer vision is used to analyze the recorded video data. Funded by Regione Toscana (Linea di azione 1.1.a.3) [more]

Industrial Projects

RailsOnFire: project  in cooperation with CPA Elettronica s.r.l., aimed at the development of an inteligent camera system able to automatically detect flames using mainly visual information. 

MagicBox: project in cooperation with Macip Trend s.r.l., aimed at the design and development of a hardware/software system for fine 3D reconstruction of textured leathers using methods based on Shape-from-Shading.

PointAt: natural human-machine interface for cultural heritage fruition, based on hand and gesture tracking. This work is currently installed in Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Firenze.

Ortho3D: in this project CVG developed a hardware-software system for automatic 3D acquisition of orthopedic casts, exploiting a structured light reconstruction method.

SeeBetter: in this project CVG worked on a super-resolution system for ophthalmologic image enhancement, in cooperation with VISIA Imaging s.p.a..

GearFinder: in this project an automatic method for description and recognition of mechanical components was developed at CVG.

EyeMouse: project done in cooperation with Famiglie SMA (Families for Spinal Muscolar Atrophy) for the development of a human-machine interface controllable with eyes only. Using an eye-tracking algorithm, the system is able to simulate a mouse (using sight direction and blinking) for people affected by motion disabilities.